How About Just One?

I'm just the worst sometimes. I know I said I was gonna post twice a week, but that weekend post keeps drifting by, so how about just once a week, until I get a better handle on my school schedule, the horrible work my previous dentist did, and making regular posts like a journal entry. I've never kept a journal, well, not past the first day or so. Could you tell?

So, this was my first larger experiment with colored pencils and turning them into watercolors. It's 14" x 17", which is about the average size I enjoy working with. I've made smaller pieces, and found it very difficult to navigate my large bear paws around staring at something less that two inches from my face. Up until recently, I hadn't realized that I could take the colored pencils and make it into a painting. Clearly, I'm not the most educated in the realm of art, and that most of what I had done is just an idea banging on in my head. Either way, I was very pleased with the turnout. The hand is my favorite hand yet. The variations in color and tone of the hand looked more real than I had ever done with copic markers. The scales aren't bad either, but yeah, I love that hand.

An old high school friend of mine, Peni, has been holding an arts and crafts night, weekly at her place on the east side of town, here in Albuquerque, for a while now. Sometimes I'm just there, hanging out with Zonobia and Darwin (I love those names, and these to kids who have them), or just doodling to no result. A few weeks back, I was trying to see how long this would take me to draw, considering I haven't done much with graphite in a few months. It took longer than I thought, like two hours lol, and I'm only 80% happy with it. The other 20%

is 100% loathing at just how horrible the positioning of the hand. What is that? Go ahead, try that out and see if it doesn't instantly cripple you? And the proportions of the hand look as though it belongs on a monkey. Sigh.

Next time I'll just have to draw a better one. A better monkey.

Until next time!


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