My First Blog!

So, let's start with a short easy one. Who am I? What do I do?

I'm John Michael Poling, and make Indie Comics and art. Now that's insightful. In all seriousness, that's what I do, aside from the weekly tabletop RPG nights on Saturday, and the way too many video games I own, and played maybe half that amount. Yup, and then there's school, my very first time at a proper university, UNM. I'm only a literal middle-aged white guy from the biggest city in the Land of Enchantment making my way in the world where I want to be something that encapsulates being an artist, author, storyteller, filmmaker, and a good uncle to my four nieces and one nephew.

I love my logo, and I didn't even make it. My brother-in-law, Chris Wagener, who was a game developer that worked on Everquest back in the '90s and now works at UMNH as an IT Specialist, came up with whole thing, including my favorite part, the blue heptagon. So, Dos Guerros Comics? Two White Guys' Comics. Guerros is the Northern New Mexico slang for a white guy. Now, who's the other white guy? Joel Wigelsworth was the photographer to took the pictures that were used, fused with my art, in the comics series HUNTERS.

So, aside from a short action-horror comic series, there's Tales from the Land of Enchantment, specifically, Token of Grace. Part storytelling and part autobiography, Token of Grace was to be the first in a series of comics that dealt with the teenage and young adult life, but an auto accident in October of 2014 changed things. In order to survive, and grow, I changed, too. In October of 2019, I was accepted into UNM for the spring semester, and determined to finish my degree come hell or high water!

What do expect here on Wednesdays and Saturdays?

Anything, but how about some of my paintings featured here and on my Instagram, @zerocool1331 and my Twitter @dosguerroscomix


-Uno Guerro


Dos Guerros Comics