Passing Time in Hell?

Last week, Jane Lindskold tweeted out a call for artist to pick their favorite hero and depict them defeating Corvid-19 in a fun, comic book way. So, I drew the Liberator attempting to liberate the virus from the world by drowning it in a tub of rubbing alcohol. I miss the Liberator.

Who's the Liberator?

A gay, comedic superhero I had created back in 2010 for a web series called, Staying Vigilant. The pitch:

In the city of Albuquerque there are a group of "superheroes" who are more of a public nuisance than the three heroes they claim to be, so after they're arrested for vigilantism, a beneficent doctor steps in and convinces the courts that she can rehabilitate these men into functional members of society. Little dies anyone know, especially our "heroes," that this doctor is none other than their swarn enemy, Madame Zephyr, Queenpin of Crime!

Stay tuned dear viewers for tomorrow's post: Staying Vigilant, Episode 1.


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