Superbowl what?!

So, I'm totally a lazy bum who didn't update his blog on Saturday. I'll just have to do penance later tonight, though I'll need to check which deity would best suit the situation, and in the meantime, I can just ramble on about me and American Football.

Yeah, I'm not a big fan of traditional sports to begin with, and my idea of sports when I was in high school was track and field, and the swim and dive team. I loved to run, and not really that much of a surprise, especially since I, until about 38, ran from everything in my life, but that's for a different post. This is about what I do on Superbowl games!

I love me some Fallout 4, and for those who don't know, It's a first person, open world RPG set several hundred years after MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction - via nukes), where you have go and make your way in the wasteland of an alternate history of the Boston, Massachusetts. It's great fun, and several of us from our Saturday Night Tabletop RPG adventures are avid fans of the Fallout series. Yesterday, we wanted to make thing a bit more challenging and interesting.

We had to make our own Bond as the playable characters, with some rules. Well, it was a real long list of rules, but for example, we could only be healed by an actual doctor, no stimpacks or radaway. We could only use a 10mm pistol, which really isn't all that powerful in the game, but there is a special variant of that called the Deliverer, but it's not easy to get. Also there had to be certain perks and builds that had to match James Bond. He's not Arnold Schwarzenegger, he can't have a low Charisma, as well as only female companions that can help him out. Along with a bunch of other rules, we tracked our progress, and failures, posting it to MeWe so we all could see. Even Paul came over with his PS 4, and hung out in my office where we could shout down the hallway our happenings to one another. Ah, good nerdy fun. Anyway, check out the pics on Instagram and Twitter below, and I promise to see ya'll Wednesday. Seriously.


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