What Is It That Scares You?

What is it that scares you?

Do you know what feeling is,

That feeling that rests,

That feeling that presses you,

That feeling that weighs you down?

Don’t you want to push it out;

Push it away;

Push against it

Push against it ‘til you’re free?

What is it that scares you?

What is it about his skin?

Is his skin too dark?

Is his skin shining at night?

Is he too proud in his skin?

Did your father explain it?

Did he tell you what to see?

Are you there for the man’s pride?

Do you fear the strength of his stride?

What is it that scares you?

Is it the fear in his eyes?

When his pupils go wide?

When he stiffens up?

When his hands reach for the sky?

Is it his assumptions made;

That he doesn’t want to die?

Is that why?

What is it tha-


I can’t.

I won’t ask again.

He’s already dead in your eyes,

And still you do not know why?!

Sure, you have an answer,

A justification,

For actions taken and not taken,

But still you lay back and lie.

You cannot admit your fear,

Oh the fear that stokes fire.

The fire that burns in your eyes.

A light he sees from outside.

The signal flare that marks his death.

That forces him to decide,

Whether or not he lives or dies.

His hands go up, his bags, down,

Yet you scream as if to prove,

That you have command over fear,

But that’s not the case.

You charge at him with quick pace.

He drops to his knees, knowing,

That you come at him, bullish,


You tackle the mighty beast!

He submits to you with ease!

A quote from the Bible, please.

Do onto others as-

Not that one, your mind barks back.

There is no fear in love.

But perfect love drives-

No, it’s not that one either.

The fearful heart will know and


Is that where your mind goes to?

Is that what you seek?

A fearful heart that defers?

How is this noble?

Again, I fall to questions.

Questions you cannot answer.

Questions you don’t want,

Questions you can’t see.


Fear has no eyes to see with.

Anger has no mouth to speak.

Evil has no ears to hear.

You shine the fear from your eyes.

You shout anger you were taught.

You hear fear that evil’s bought.

What is it that scares you?

Knee to throat.

Gun to head.

Bang to bow.

Thunder to strike.

Shield to helm.

What is it that scares you?


Dos Guerros Comics